Sports Massage

Sports Massage is used to relieve muscular tightness and tension, to improve tissue mobility and flexibility and to increase circulation to aid healing. Sports Massage is a deep, firm penetrative massage, breaking down muscle tightness, tension and scar tissue. It helps in the recovery from injuries and aches and pains by improving the circulation, tissue mobility and flexibility.

It can be used for :-

 ease of postural neck/back ache

  general muscle tension and aches

  breaking down of tight muscles and scar tissue

It can also be used to:-

 Help in pre sports events preparation and training to increase circulation and flexibility

 help in post sports activities to reduce build up of lactic acid and muscle tightness and tiredness after

 Sports Massage can also enhance recovery in combination with Physiotherapy Treatment
If you have not had this type of massage before, it is normal to feel uncomfortable for a couple of days.

N.B. Some problems may not be initially suitable for Sports Massage and may need to be initially assessed by a Physiotherapist.