You will be offered an individual assessment and the physiotherapist will discuss your treatment rehabilitation options and advise on the most appropriate course of treatment programme dependant on your problems and needs, As well as advice, education and a home programme. A wide range of treatments include mobilisations, muscle imbalance, stretching and strengthening programs, sports and remedial massage, traction, electrotherapy, taping and strapping techniques are available for common problems e.g. back and neck pain, arthritis and joint replacements, sports injuries, fractures, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, pre and post surgery.

We are also keen to emphasise the importance of self-management and prevention of injuries. If we conclude you may need further intervention we will discuss further referral to other relevant Specialists e.g. Doctors, Consultants, for further investigations and Podiatrists for biomechanical assessments and orthotics, inserts.