My name is Michelle Moore and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Hypnotherapy is an effective and beneficial treatment that can be used for a range of problems from breaking bad habits, dealing with emotional or negative issues to becoming more confident and general well being.

Hypnosis allows the conscious and critical mind to be quietened so that positive suggestions can be made directly to the unconscious mind which is more receptive to change. Whether you suffer from anxiety, stress, low confidence or have weight issues, Hypnotherapy can help you help yourself to make the changes you desire.
To be in ‘hypnosis’ is to be in a relaxed state. If you can imagine a time when you have been reading a book and suddenly wondered where the time has gone or when you have driven to a familiar destination and had no recollection of the journey. If this sounds familiar, then you have been in a hypnotic state and we experience this daily.

Hypnotherapy is natural, non invasive and can be very effective for a range of issues, so if you would like to find out more then visit or give me a call on 07708 554281.